Brawl at Vienna’s opera ball

1 Mar

Germany’s ZDF TV chain which lately headlined by dropping rates for its saturday night show “bet that”-“wetten dass” pays not only entertainer Markus Lanz, who is the host of the show. Another famous douchebag is Johannes B. Kerner, who can be similiarly lukewarm for an extended period of time.

The article reads: Austria’s anthem and “joy, o divine spark:” The annually held Vienna opera ball is normally more a stiff event.  There was a turbulent incident though during this year’s 58th show. After a verbal scuffle between a guest and moderator Kerner there occured a brawl.

Starguest Kim Kardashian stayed absent from her host Lugner most of the time. His second company, Venezuelan beauty queen Ivian Sarcos wasnt there at all. She msged that she missed her flight. But the action-hype of the evening belonged to Mr Kerner.

Things started out when the moderator left the logia of Mr.Lugner. A visibly drunken guest, presumably some distant friend of Kerner got in the face of Mr Kerner. Then he said: “Who paid for your ticket? Explain yourself! You are the new Wulff!” (Wulff is some German ex-president who got famous for embezzlement but was ruled not guilty on friday-a day after the ball)

Kerner tried to calm the curser and he was intending to leave when the curser threw a glass of champagne after him.

That was too much for a friend of Kerner who was in close proximity. He punched the attacker this hefty that he had a bleeding chin. Shortly afterwards the victim presented his blood stained shirt to photographers. The punch had judicial consequences: the victim filed against the friend of Kerner.

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