PP-Spanish slush funds

7 Jul


He is the perhaps most flamboyant figure in the corruption scandal which shakes Spain’s ruling Popular Party (PP) : Luis Bárcenas was from 1990 to 2009 responsible for the finances of the PP, end of june he was arrested for danger of absconding. Previously he had given though an interview 2 “El Mundo”, now published in the newspaper. Therein, Bárcenas admits the party was funded for years illegally.

This illegal financing there was not done though without service. The conservative PP  of prime minister Mariano Rajoy received at least  cash for 20 years id est undeclared donations from construction and other companies, Bárcenas said. On the other hand they had been granted construction licenses and contracts .

Bárcenas is in the people’s party heart of the affair involving slush funds. He is suspected of having hidden 48.2 million euros, (among others) 2 the islands of Bermuda, in Panama or 2 the Virgin Islands . The state attorney is investigating in the corruption case against Bárcenas due 2 tax evasion and corruption .

For a long time, reports r making rounds that dozens members of the party leadership, including Rajoy , r suppoesed 2 have received illicit payments for years from entrepreneurs. The Prime Minister and other high ranking party members reject all accusations so far.

In an interview with “El Mundo”, Bárcenas said how the slush funds were oper8ed. Extra salaries for high-ranking party members, as well as campaign spending were financed with the illegal income. Neither the party nor the Government has issued opinions on Bárcenas .

For both, it could soon be unpleasant. Bárcenas also threatened in an interview he had yet more incriminating material and information that would lead to the downfall of the Conservative Government if publicized. Already months ago the Spanish press had reported, Bárcenas instructed a local volunteer, 2 allow the”atomic bomb” 2 xplode – in the event that he ends in prison. Since the end of June, he sits in jail.

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