Germany: Polls: Social Dems sink to 22% in Forsa Poll

4 Jul

conservatives 41- lib dems 5 – leftparty 9 – ecos 14 – social dems 22

The social dems zig-zag election campaign where Steibrueck visited coincidentally (any voter) to eat cake there, or criticized Grille Beppo, or criticized the low pay for Merkel as chancellor got a new more or less bad puzzle part: investment into industrial development. Of course you can ask what does have it in common with the crap he said before? Then again, you can ask what you want to do with the rest at all. I mean its surely not forbidden to criticize Vietcong generals, though you shouldnt connect them to Mr Roesler, Saigon Vietnamese and head of Germanys lib dems.So, Steinbrueck found sth to steal at a party that got currently 5%. Lucrative grounds.
see older post:

Now, because the lib dems are currently low in the polls, Mr. Kleine was so kind to post a photo of Vietcong general subtitled with “the new rise of the lib dems.”

Now, first up it’s plain defamatory towards Mr. Roesler to insinuate he would like Mr Giap, disregarding at all whether you like Giap or not. It’s a plain insult.

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