Obama is on a strategic visit to Tansania

1 Jul

Well, after Obama made some steadfast remark while in Germany behind too much barbed wire that he of course only directs wiretapping as the other secret services commit also concerning NATO-allies, he toned his remarks a bit down and didn’t say anymore that he is only doing what’s necessary. He spoke in Tansania only of very important European allies and left out facts and numbers. So this entire thing goes down the drain in between South Africa and Tansania without Obama saying anything substantial to defuse the tension. I mean it’s of course not very bad in the sheer sense that he is visiting Africa, it’s just that there is some regime in Tansania that is probably very eloquent, but it is surely not the maximum of liberal thinking. So, despite that Obama is trying to shrug off European criticism, that background doesn’t serve very well what he is trying to transport in this case. I mean it’s obviously the case that the European govts are in a judicial frame to protect their citizens private spheres and it’s obvious that you can sue for integrity. Hollande of France went even further as to say that you cannot commit to contracts and similiar lawforms if there is no mutual trust. So, I mean its great that Obama is on a “strategic visit to Tansania”, but it doesn’t serve the defusing of the current tensions very well. In fact, it’s totally insufficient what Obama had to say till now about personal freedoms within the western world. I mean I admit that he might not have had the opportunity, but it’s simply shocking that he didn’t waste more than 15 minutes a day as a democrat on the topic. His party performance is going from bad to disastrous.

Cameloon is on a GCHQ mission to…. Kazakstan

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