German minister of defense already haunted by Euro-Hawk disaster

21 May

Germanys budget control called “Bundesrechnungshof” did not receive important information by deMaiziere. Germany is currently paying 400mio € for NATOs surveillance AGM despite the direct costs for the Northrop-Grumman drones, what is together at 1.3 bio €.

Furthermore,deMaiziere is refusing to name the officer in charge of the program.

Thus deMaiziere has a 1.3bio € disaster and is in no capacity to name a culprit despite himself. Anybody calling this very intelligent?

First drone went bogus while transferred from the US to Europe 2011.

(eco) Trittin accuses (conservative) deMaiziere of breaking the law (trespassing)

“Es ist offensichtlich auf der höchsten Ebene des Bundesverteidigungsministeriums entschieden worden, dass der Bundesrechnungshof über die Vertragsbestandteile nicht komplett und korrekt informiert wird. Das ist ein Verstoß gegen das Gesetz”, sagte Trittin im ARD-Morgenmagazin. “Hier wird offensichtlich mit falschen Karten gespielt.” De Maizière müsse “ganz schnell” erklären, wer da die Entscheidung getroffen habe.

“Obviously it was decided on the highest levels of the ministry of defence that the German budget control is being bypassed about deceissive parts of the contract incomplete and incorrect. That is a violation of the law.”(…)”Playing with wrong cards.” (…) “DeMaiziere has 2 xplain very swiftly, who decided what.”

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