Wal-Mart makes ISIS flag cake after rejecting Confederate flag cake design

2 Jul

Wal-Mart makes ISIS flag cake after rejecting Confederate flag cake design

US ‘blocks Middle East allies from helping Kurds fight Isis’ as Britain considers Syria air strikes

Greece’s Tsipras digs in against bailout

1 Jul


NSA surveilled German ministers as well

1 Jul


1 Jul



Obama announces re-establishment of U.S.-Cuba diplomatic ties

1 Jul


Bloomberg:With their vows to place a parliamentary hold on any nominees for the Havana post, Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida led the opposition to President Barack Obama’s plans to reopen diplomatic relations with Cuba among the big field of candidates’ vying to replace him.

SMH:Former PM John Howard defends top bureaucrat Michael Thawley over China remarks

Carney: UK stability outlook has ‘worsened’ in light of Greece

1 Jul


Schaeuble: doesnt help me very much

1 Jul

Schaeuble reacted to a recent letter of Tsirpas demanding to invoke new rescue measures. Schaeuble decried a lack of clarity.



Ikaria got no fuel

Egypt’s Sinai rocked by wave of deadly attacks

1 Jul


German leftparty: Wagenknecht demands vote about EURO-membership

1 Jul


While I protested when the Greeks were obviously not allowed to vote on sunday, I dont think its very necessary to open a discussion about the Euro in Germany, because it’s mostly a topic overrun by fascists and widely used to strengthen the national identity in terms of a currency. It’s not economic woes here, but some fascist reasoning regarding Germany. So, I think Wagenknecht’s demand is utterly displaced here and this idea is not very helpful in the discussion at all. Furthermore, the headline of the article is utterly misleading: it says Wagenknecht said that she wants a Euro vote. That is wrong. She only said that she wants a vote about the recovery measures. I mean you may interpret it like this. But thats some form over overinterpretation then.

US opens diplomatic relations to Cuba

30 Jun

US opens diplomatic relations to Cuba



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