Vote Ted Cruz! New York doctor diagnosed with Ebola

24 Oct

New York doctor diagnosed with Ebola; health officials seek out those in contact

UK told to pay £1.7bn extra to EU

24 Oct

UK told to pay £1.7bn extra to EU

The UK has been told it must pay an extra £1.7bn (€2.1bn) towards the European Union’s budget because the economy has performed better than expected in recent years.

Ottawa hero cheered in Parliament

23 Oct

The security chief credited with killing a gunman rampaging through Canada’s Parliament gets a standing ovation, as investigators check into the gunman’s links to terrorism. FULL STORY

Ugly scenes in Bratislava! Prague fans storm home block in European league (soccer)

23 Oct


23 Oct

Erdogan’s defamatory sequences don’t come to a halt: west driven by the oil price

23 Oct


Obviously, the fight against decapitation killers is a mercenary fight for BP. Listen look at your retards. Next to your border, grenades flying

Barroso and the ambivalence of his party affiliation

23 Oct

What came to my mind was that Barroso isnt a member of the socialist block in European parliament. He is a social democrat in Portugal but on European level he is a member of the conservatives (EPP) like Juncker. The last socialist was Delors till 1995. Afterwards it became Prodi till 2004 (with a bit Santer in between) but both werent socialist.  Barroso is an ex-Marxist, but lets say, it isnt on the paper, but EPP. What I said before: the man is close to a cheat. Time for a new one… with the lines a bit clearer. In times of LePen and Farage. I think they made use of the situation.

German university deans want tuition fees back

23 Oct

Japanese minister of economy explains all in SM scandal

23 Oct


See also: 2 female Japanese ministers quit

Merkel forgets about coppercables

22 Oct–festnetz—blackout-auf-it-gipfel-134438663.html


During an IT event, she mentioned the new poles of German Telekom: Frequencies, demand, and solid state net (exactly not wireless). Now, noone really knows what’s so breathtaking new or IT about coppercables. That’s probably why she forgot about it.


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