ISIS confirms killing of second in command during U.S. airstrike

14 Oct

Pneus sans air? German communities in desperate attempt to collect fees for public broadcasting

13 Oct

AB InBev wins over SABMiller at fifth attempt

13 Oct

Clinton taunts Trump outside his Las Vegas hotel

13 Oct Trump: Clinton shouldn’t be allowed to run

Prime Minister’s Confirmation That He Will Quit Before The Next General Election

12 Oct

Despite Their Rhetoric We Won’t Let the Tories Escape Reality

David Cameron may have used his Conference speech this week to try and redefine his leadership but it’s clear that in the minds of many of his cabinet colleagues his time as leader is all but over.

The Prime Minister’s confirmation that he’ll quit before the next General Election gave the signal those with leadership ambitions needed to start measuring up the curtains. We can expect more of this in the weeks and months ahead. You might have thought Labour’s five month leadership race was long. Well the Tories are about to have one lasting five years.

It’s hard to keep up with who wants to be the next Tory leader. We’ve long known of the ambitions of Boris Johnson, George Osborne and Theresa May but Tory Conference saw even Jeremy Hunt and Nicky Morgan trying to throw their hats into the ring.

The ins and outs of the next Tory leadership battle along with the inevitable ructions over the referendum in Europe might be fun for Westminster obsessives, sadly for the rest of us we’ll see an inward looking Conservative Party, more concerned with internal politicking than the big challenges facing the country.

Al-Baghdadi wasnt killed in an airstrike in Anbar province, but obviously some high commanders

12 Oct

Traces in Turkey lead to IS,23356680,32133644.html

Winterkorn surrenders all VW positions.

12 Oct



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