Germany-EU: Did Juncker complain about the highway fee?

21 Dec

Germany-entertainment: Udo Juergens is deceased

21 Dec

UK: Danczuk in defectrion talks

21 Dec

Germany:Leftparty demands investigations against Ziercke, ex head of police hq

21 Dec

Presidential vacation in Hawaii begins with an Obama staple: golf

21 Dec

Cuba’s famed cigars get a foot in door of US market

21 Dec

HAVANA, Dec 21 (Reuters) – Milagros Diaz has been rolling cigars for 48 years, so long she cannot even smell tobacco anymore, and she is thrilled that the U.S.

2 NYC officers dead in ambush-style shooting

21 Dec


NEW YORK — Two New York City police officers died after being shot “execution-style” in their parked patrol car Saturday.

In a somber press conference, New York City Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said the two officers were deliberately targeted because they were cops. He also acknowledged the danger officers take as part of the “thin blue line between us and anarchy.”

“They were, quite simply, assassinated, targeted for their uniform and the responsibility they embraced,” Bratton said. “Both were ambushed and murdered.”

Berlins airport: northern peer is finished

21 Dec

walking boarding (id est walk to board) is now possible. Breathtaking. One of the dramatic advantages of this airport hard to grasp for the others. Gasp.


Meanwhile, German gazettes were never tired to find a possible successor for current head Mehdorn.



With the announced resignation of Hartmut Mehdorns, the Berlin airport BER again needs to find a new chief. Three not very serious proposals for Germany’s  top post regarding the headlines.
Candidate number one: Markus Lanz, 45.
Available from: Immediately.
What speaks for him: his motivation and enthusiasm. “Oh my God…”, “does he make it?”, “man O man, gonna be close(t)”.Aaaaand Yes! Nutters! It is sensational!”
What‘s wrong with him: he will have to compete on its predecessors. And if he does not pass this test, the airport, which belongs to the nightly family entertainment for many years in this country as an integral part, he is set 2 b deleted without substitution.
Special qualifications: willingness to take risks.
Markus Lanz: “so it‘s a bit. itty bitty teeny wheeny. But I am also on it. And we plan for certain things, at the very beginning, if it works and clutches, then it will be well.
Candidate number two: Thilo Sarrazin, 69
Available from: 2017, after the completion of his new work “Pegida und I as well as “Why Turks drive big cars”.
What speaks for him: if he has taken his job 2017, the airport is already opened. Errors amd mailfunctions which r discovered later, can then not be ascribed to him. Moreover, disabled person are preferably employed.
What‘s wrong with it: Arabic and Turkish Airlines will boycott the Berlin airport. Sarrazin will counter this by somewhat saying:
“I saw the whole thing as  not as problematic… even not at all, so, eh, so as problematic, … ah …it has to do nothing  with my book.” (available in bookstores)
Special qualifications: he will do better restructuring the ailing RIGHT runway.
Candidate number three: Rolf Eden, 84
Available from: 10: 00pm.
Rolf Eden: “Firstly I never get up every day before noon, because I m convinced of it all the people go to work in the morning, and that bothers me.”
What speaks for him? His pronounced realism. With flight connections, it‘s like with women: You cant havem all.
What‘s wrong with him? Rolf Eden is said to aversions against the State of Brandenburg. There are rumors he wants the airport in the immediate vicinity of the Ku’ dam route, possibly in the Grunewald.
Special qualifications: ever had sex in an airplane toilet.
Eden: Yes, Yes, is a beautiful thing. Because,  there’s not so many people  in the aircraft, as nobody bothers, mostly. “Youll also lock, wont u?”


German Telekom portal T-Online a swift sale to Axel Springer?

21 Dec

Well, Germany isnt so poor at the moment, it even got a balanced budget.1,5% interest rates let you have cheap credit fast. So…. theres no obvious reason that German Telekom which is 49% German state property needs to get some money fast. At least not for Germany. So… somebody seems 2 like to polarize a bit. The swiftness of the action is the primarily surprising thing. It wasn’t announced b4hand that it is for sale, so… it’s a bit misty-murky. The spectator finds only things said and done, so the completeness seems to demand no objection towards the sale of Germanys user-richest online-portal to and other gazettes which can be so satisfying as the sun.

N. Korea says it was “framed” for Sony cyberattack

20 Dec

North Korea slams U.S. claims the regime is responsible for a cyberattack on Sony Pictures — and proposes the two countries work together. FULL STORY


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