Paxton has been booked at a Dallas-area jail

4 Aug
AUSTIN, Texas — New Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been booked at a Dallas-area jail on felony charges alleging that he misled investors before becoming the state’s top lawyer, but unlike when Rick Perry smiled for his mug shot last year, Republicans are not rushing to Paxton’s defense.

Paxton arrived at the Collin County jail Monday to be processed on two counts of first-degree securities fraud and a lesser count of failing to register with state securities regulators. The 52-year-old Republican was fingerprinted and photographed before being released on bond.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will face criminal charges for directing clients to a friend’s securities advisory firm without registering as a financial advisor. He is the first Texas attorney general to face indictment in more than 30 years.
Paxton, a 52-year-old Republican, was fingerprinted and photographed at the Collin County jail while a throng of media waited outside. It was a frenzy reminiscent of a year ago, when then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry – who was also still in office – was booked after being indicted on charges of abusing his power with a 2013 veto.

But whereas Perry defiantly welcomed the cameras within minutes of being processed at an Austin jail, Paxton ducked reporters while leaving the Collin County jail on bond. Paxton’s attorney, Joe Kendall, issued a statement hours later in which he said Paxton will plead not guilty and demand a jury trial.

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Morning Digest: Why Texas’ attorney general is facing life in prison



Dont understand why Frank wont reinstantate treason immediately again,but he probably knows what hes doing

After AG Range was fired, head of German domestic service Maaßen 2 b fired as well?

The game about Stack Saving

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