Hungary protests ahead of Merkel visit

1 Feb


The protesters also held signs in German addressed to Angela Merkel which read: “We want to stay EU citizens!” and “Angela, don’t negotiate with the mafia.”

They expressed their concern about Orban’s economic policies and his stance on relations with Russia.

Holocaust denier cartoon contest as of 2006 is now taking place in Iran

1 Feb


Moolah Shirazi is the initiator.

EU Stack Saving

1 Feb


Schaeuble’s stack saving is still immensly popular among the whole of Europe.

European Commission Considering Data Retention Law Targeting Telecoms And Internet Service Providers

Israel Yinon dies during concert

1 Feb

Filigree work: Lucke gets his little dictator position with 1001 of 1500 in German slightly fascist AfD

1 Feb


A sweeping statement. In the end I never thought they got Lucke there cause he tends to generalize. He is a bit like Hitler… the preconditions were sometimes delicate (a 2/3 majority was needed during a summit in Bremen to change the party constitution).

Hillary Clinton’s private jet use in Senate may create 2016 headaches

1 Feb

Smitty,v.Weizsäcker and Reagan

1 Feb


a) You build a McDonalds where they stand

b) why isnt there a Mc Donalds 2 m onwards?

c) Why do they care at all?


possible answers:

a) they want to build McDonalds everywhere


Diego Jeb Bush: “I smoked marijuana”

31 Jan

Jeb Bush: “I smoked marijuana”

Lightspeed to Mekka revisited: UK tortured in Diego Garcia

31 Jan


So, does anybody know what the UK does?

ISIS chemmical Ali, ISIS airraided in Kobane, Cameroon and lightspeed to Mekka

31 Jan


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